Cutting machine for the wood-packaging sector - pallets, boxes, cable drums

The specially developed solution for the packaging industry

Automated longitudinal and cross-formating of decks

The cutting machine Formatic has been developed for the automated production of "decks" and facilitate the production of floor-, wall- and ceiling-parts eg for export packaging.

  • It is very easy to hang up boards, due to a laser light that shows the required width of the "decks".
  • After confirmation, the decks are automatically cut to their width.
  • The remaining pieces are automatically transported back to the operator, or, in case they may be reused, they stay untouched.
  • The length of the decks is cut automatically - the operator can already hang up the boards for the next deck.
  • The finished decks will be transported from the outfeed-conveyor belt to a lift table, where the decks will be stacked on.
LaengsQuer3HP LaengsQuer4HP LQ_HPPRODUKTE
       Cutting the deck width           Cutting to length

   Stacking of the finished deck

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