From a simple cut to the length to fault trip caps with full optimization - with the QuickStop the cutting of solid wwod becomes even more powerful, more flexible, precise and economical. The work pieces may be individually trimmed and edited in the package.

The innovative, characteristic attribute is the unique REINHARDT clamping feed system, which holds each piece continously during the complete working process.

The unique system allows maximum figures for acceleration, stopping and speed, even when the material is wet or frozen.

Serial equipment
  • Heavy duty push-feed device with clamping system for automatic identification of the raw length and very accurate dynamic positioning
  • The edged pieces can be processed single or in bundles
  • Improves your productivity and flexibility
  • Saw blade is changed from the front. Equipped with fast clamping system Pro-Lock
  • Security: Working area of the pusher protected by a fence and a light curtain
  • Different options for automatic loading, waste evacuation, sorting, stacking, printing and data connection are available

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