BasicLine 225 for angle cuts

The saw unit of the BL 225 W is adjustable +/- 60°. Using the easy to read scale accurate and easy angle adjustment from 30 ° to 150 ° by turning the handwheel is possible.

SlimLine 225 with automatic angle adjustment from 30° to +150°

Complex angle cuts and right angle cuts - rational and precise with SlimLine 225 W

Easy user interface - easy creation of different angles

  • The control has several programs, which were designed specifically for various applications and claims in the sector for cutting angles.
  • The entered workpieces will be shown visually, so that the best possible order can be chosen, to minimize the wastage even further.
  • •Various combinations of angles are possible - up to 3 angles per side.
Serial equipment
  • Work pieces may be cut in packages or individually.
  • The saw-unit adjusts automatically and accurately to the desired angle.
  • A robust pushing system automatically detects the length and positions with high precision
  • Due to the clever control, you achieve a sustainable increase in
  • Various options for feeding, waste management, sorting, stacking, labeling, and data connectivity are available.

Typical application areas for cross cut saws with angle cut

  • Cutting wedges in big quantities
  • Construction of gables and roofs
  • Elements for prefabricated houses
  • Special packaging for angle assembly elements
  • Planking of fences and stakes
  • Construction of winter gardens

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