Automatic cutting of strips, planks and beams for the single and serial production. To take full advantage of the saw cutting area, the work pieces can be processed in packets.

Serial equipment
  • Saw with pushing system for cross cutting and optimising edged material
  • Heavy duty push-feed device for automatic identification of the raw length and high precision positioning of components
  • Pieces can be processed single or in bundles
  • For high performance regarding defect cutting and optimising available als Speed Version
  • Improves your productivity and flexibility
  • Saw blade is changed from the front, equipped with fast clamping system Pro-Lock
  • Security: the working area is protected by a fence and a light curtain
  • Different options for automatic loading, waste evacuation, sorting, stacking, printing and data connection are available.

SlimLine S60

Instead of 150 m/min the pusher moves with a maximum of 60 m/min. There is no need for a part of the safety technology, a favorable alternative.

SlimLine Speed

The model SlimLine Speed offers a significantly faster feedspeed. Especially for applications where pieces are processed individually like for example when cutting defects.

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